My take on State of the State address

While Governor Otter’s State of the State Address offers a lot of rhetoric about where Idaho needs to go, what he has actually shown us is the limit of his ability to take us there. After more than 35 years as a politician including almost 2 terms as Governor, here is the state that Governor Otter has left our state in.

Idaho is last in the nation for the amount of money we invest in each student. Many school districts can only afford to keep their doors open 4 days a week. Only 5 of the top 70 high schools have more than 50% of their graduates prepared for higher education. Our kids are not career and college ready and the voices of parents and educators are routinely ignored. To give our kids, our economy and our state the future they deserve we need new leadership and to restore funding and make education a top priority.

Thanks to the economic policies and failed decisions on health care, we have the lowest wages in the nation and hard-working families are struggling more than ever to afford the basics. The cost of living and healthcare are rising and wages are not keeping pace. We need to be investing more in economic development and creating good-paying jobs so Idahoans can provide for their families.

Governor Otter is a good person and a likable man, but it is clear that it is time for a new governor to lead our state.