Balukoff calls on IACI to take high road


BOISE, Idaho—Gubernatorial candidate A.J. Balukoff today called on the Board of Directors of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry to take down the website,, saying it is "filled with lies and gross misrepresentations in a transparent attempt to mislead voters," and "demonstrates an appalling lack of integrity.”


Below you will find a copy of the letter submitted by Balukoff:

August 14, 2014

Board of Directors

Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry

P.O. Box 389

Boise, ID 83701

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board:

When I began my campaign for the governor’s office, I expected some people to disagree with me and my positions. But I also expected that we would have an honest and respectful dialogue about the issues facing our state. I did not expect respected civic and business leaders to willingly lie and mislead the voters of Idaho.

Earlier this week, through IACI's PAC, the Idaho Prosperity Fund, your organization launched a website, This website is filled with lies and gross misrepresentations in a transparent attempt to mislead voters. It demonstrates an appalling lack of integrity. Several of you have met me, know me, and have served on community-service boards with me. You know the things your website says about me are untrue.

It's appalling to me that Gov. Otter and this influential business lobby are willing to lie to win an election. Integrity should not take a vacation during a campaign.

Your website criticizes me for my position on several issues that are exactly the same as the positions your organization has taken. Medicaid expansion and the healthcare exchange are examples. Your website's attempt to tie me to national politics ignores the fact that I have always worked in a bipartisan fashion, with Democrats and Republicans, and in fact, I once supported Mitt Romney with campaign contributions. I would expect IACI to support many of my priorities as governor, particularly to elevate the education and skills of the Idaho workforce and invest in infrastructure. The hypocrisy exhibited by IACI through this website is shameful.

Mr. LaBeau and I have never met, beyond possibly shaking hands once. He does not know me. I would be happy to meet with him to explain my positions on these and other issues. Those of you who know me know that it is not my style to exclude anyone or push a covert agenda. My interest is only to do what's best for Idaho.

I am a Rotarian. In Rotary, we have a four-way test that serves as an ethical guide to use in our personal and professional relationships:

Of the things we think, say or do...

Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

I will continue to use Rotary’s Four Way Test to guide my thoughts, actions and statements, including during this election campaign. I hope you will, too.

My campaign's motto is: Work hard. Tell the truth. Put people first. Those are words I live by and have followed throughout my years in business and community service.

I will presume that, as honorable people, you would not condone lying and misleading voters as acceptable campaign tactics. Like me, I trust that you expect our civic and business leaders to be men and women of integrity.

I respectfully ask you, as men and women of integrity, to immediately take down this website. Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to reach out to me anytime.


A. J. Balukoff


James Adamson , President and CEO, Mountain View Hospital

Phillips Baker, President and CEO, Hecla Mining Co.

Bob Boeh , Vice President, Government Affairs, Idaho Forest Group

Larry Cope, President , Clear Springs Foods

Mark Dunn Vice President , J. R. Simplot Company

Zelda Geyer-Sylvia, President & CEO , Blue Cross of Idaho

Dan Harbeke , Director, Public Affairs, Union Pacific Railroad

Tom Harris, President, Western States Equipment Co.

Sally Jeffcoat, President and CEO, Saint Alphonsus Health System

LaMont Keen , President and CEO, Idaho Power Company

Anne Labelle , Vice President, Legal & Sustainability , Midas Gold Corp.

Tammy Lewis , Public Affairs Specialist , Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Scott Madison, Executive Vice President , Intermountain Gas Company

Jeff McCray, Plant Manager, McCain Foods

Jim Nottingham , Vice President, LES Hardware , Hewlett-Packard Co.

Dr. David Pate, President and CEO, St. Luke's Health System

Mike Reynoldson, Director, Government Affairs, Micron Technology

Jim Schmit, Idaho President, CenturyLink (formerly Qwest)

Justin Smith, Commercial Bank Team Leader, U S Bank of Idaho

Matt Van Vleet , Director, Corporate Communications, Clearwater Paper Corporation

Pat Armstrong , Controller, Oldcastle Materials/Idaho Sand

Mark Benson, Vice President, Public Affairs, Potlatch Corporation

Trent Clark Director, Government & Public Affairs , Monsanto

Eric Donaldson, Regional Director, Government Affairs , Altria Client Services

Jerry Edgington, Vice President/General Manager , SelectHealth

Admiral John Grossenbacher , Director, Idaho National Laboratory, Battelle Energy Alliance

Greg Hardy, Manager, State Government Affairs, Chevron USA

Deborah Herron, Public Affairs/Government Relations , Walmart Stores Inc.

Dennis Johnson, President and CEO , United Heritage Insurance Co.

Scott Kreiling, President, Regence Blue Shield

Randy Lewis , Manager of Compliance , MWI Veterinary Supply

Mark Lliteras, Executive Vice President , Wells Fargo Bank

James McConeghy, Chief Financial Officer , Chobani Idaho Inc.

John McCreedy , General Counsel , Amalgamated Sugar Company

Kent Oram , President and CEO, Idaho Central Credit Union

Todd Peretti, Manager, Basic American Foods

Sam Routson , Vice President, Idahoan Foods LLC

David Self Sr., Vice President/Idaho Director , PacificSource Health Plans

John Tippets, Human Resources Manager, Agrium US Inc.

Damond Watkins , Vice President, Corporate Relations , Melaleuca Inc.